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Dr. DB's Biography

Considered by many one of the most significant thinkers of his era, Dr. Djidheree Bhumpurkahr Ph.D., D.D., F.R.S., K.C.B., S.O.B., L.S.M.F.T. (or Dr. DB as he is familiarly known to his friend) has often stated that the details of his birth and early education are “very unimportant,” so they will be omitted. Those interested in his early years are urged to obtain a copy of The Einstein of the Soft Sciences (Authorized Version1), by Kama Pandur (Remora Press).

Dr. Bhumpurkahr is a graduate of Bavarian State University, where he held the Theodore Glaublich Chair of Comparative Theology for  “…a significant period,” along with the honorary chairmanship of several academic departments, including Political Science, Anthropology, Sociology, History, Psychology, Economics, and Comparative Anatomy.  He is a lifetime member of the Welsh Order of Grenadiers, about which accomplishment he modestly states that  “…for me, being a WOG seemed not only natural, but inevitable.”  (Pandur, op. cit.)

He resided for “…a lengthy time”  in the small town of Garberville, California, along with his wife (Allele), two children (d. Aphasia and s. Gerund), and their pet marmot, Bubo. It was here that he researched and wrote  Litigation: Social and Cultural Life in Shelter Cove,  (Remora Press); and, as is his wont, contributed to the intellectual and social life of the community.2  (Pandur, op. cit.)

A prolific author in many mediums, his works include

He is currently residing in  “…perforce, an undisclosed location”  where he went seeking  “…peace and quiet with, hopefully, substantial pecuniary rewards.”  (Pandur, op. cit.)


The Doctor has announced his decision to retire from  “…the savage collegeality of academia…,”  dedicating his declining years to  “…puttering about inventing new heresies, poisoning songbirds, and — while my modest powers prevail — annoying people.”

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1 The Doctor gets a percentage.

2 As, for example, his 1992 cautionary letter to the Redwood Record, following the publication of a Health column concerning a local practitioner of alchemical hypnotism.

3 Mr. Barnum's contributions by autonomic writing.