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computer repair

At Emerald Technologies,
we troubleshoot and repair hardware and software problems for PC/IBM compatible and Macintosh computers.

We also offer virus/spyware identification and removal. If you're experiencing problems with your computer, or if you think you need to update your system but don't know where to start, simply contact us.

Service usually takes three to five business days, but may take longer if parts need to be ordered.

In Shop Labor $45/hr
Repair rates are charged in 15 minute increments. We do not go beyond 3.5 hrs ($147) without contacting the customer. Typical Virus removals tend to run between $90 - $157.
Expedited Service In Shop $75/hr
We start work on it the day you bring it in and guarantee it will be done within 48 hours or you will pay only the normal labor rate.
On-Site service $60/hr + Travel Time
NEW Flat Rate Tune-Up $50

Like your car, computers need tune-ups to keep them running smoothly. For a flat fee, Emerald technologies will:

  • Remove unnecessary start up programs and optimize performance settings.
  • If needed, install our recommend FREE antivirus software and do a scan for common infections.
  • Install our recommended FREE Anti Spyware/Malware software and do a scan for common infections.
  • Dust out computer and inspect for any overheating problems.
  • Test the hard drive for signs of failing and give you a health report.
  • Install improved disk defragmenter program and defragment hard drive to improve disk access times.
  • Clean up and remove unnecessary temporary files to speed up your computer.
  • If needed, install FireFox internet browser with Ad blocking technology to improve your online surfing experience.
  • Update Windows with latest security patches.
  • Update Java and Flash with latest versions to protect against malware.
Laptop Screen Replacement $50 + cost of screen

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