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Spyware can install itself into your system..
when you click on certain pop-up windows or if you download free utilities, toolbars or games. One of the most likely sources are file sharing programs that are rife with spyware and virus infected files.

If you happened to browse a corrupt website, it's no mystery how the spyware got in.

Some very attractive and useful software applications even come bundled with spyware. You may have been tricked into clicking a link to install malicious software on your system! Maybe you opened spam e-mail. Sometimes that's all it takes.

Be Careful of Free Software…

The Internet is full of free software that tempts you, and when you succumb to that temptation, comes integrated with spyware.

If you are not protected, these malicious programs will relay your browsing habits to spurious advertisers, bog down your system, potentially rendering it unusable, hijack your computer and internet connection so that your equipment is actually spreading malicious software or being used for a purpose that you don't intend.

Even your sensitive personal data and identity can be revealed and stolen.

What can you do to prevent this from happening to you?
Protect yourself with anti-spyware software, keep your computer's firewall activated, check your security settings, which should be set to default level or higher, and carefully consider the legitimacy of what you download.

Simply typing the name of a questionable program into a search engine like Google, followed by “legitimate?” or “spyware?” can save you hours of frustration and help you maintain the security of your computer.

We suggest not using Internet Explorer and instead use FireFox, a faster and safer internet browser,


You might also want to check out Google's Chrome browser it's very fast but not all sites work with it yet.

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